2019 Alaska Elk Season Dates | Alaska Hunting Season Dates

Alaska elk season dates that are shown on this page are either upcoming or currently open. Please note that these Alaska Elk Season Dates are from Alaska’s Department of Wildlife’s website and that you should double check before hunting! And, make sure to check out our lightweight Elk Hunting Camo perfect for both archery season and those late, cold rifle elk hunts.

2019 - 20 Alaska Elk Season Dates

Hunt NumberHunt TypeHunt NameLegal AnimalSeason Dates
General SeasonFor information on General Season hunts, see the current Hunting Regulations or the Hunting Maps section.
DE318DrawUnit 3, Etolin and associated islands1 Bull ElkSeptember 1 - September 30
DE321DrawUnit 3, Etolin and associated islands1 Bull ElkOctober 1 - October 15
DE323DrawUnit 3, Etolin and associated islands1 Bull ElkOctober 16 - October 31
DE702Draw8, Raspberry Island1 Bull ElkOct 1 - Oct 12
DE704Draw8, Raspberry Island1 Bull ElkOct 11 - Oct 22
DE706Draw8, Raspberry Island1 Bull ElkOct. 23- Nov. 30
DE711Draw08, SW Afognak Is1 Bull ElkSep 25 - Oct 9
DE713Draw08, SW Afognak Is1 Bull ElkOct 8 - Oct 22
DE715Draw08, Remainder1 Bull ElkSep 25 - Oct 9
DE717Draw08, RemainderOne Elk, Either sexOct 8 - Oct 22
DE721Draw08, East Afognak Is.One Elk, Either sexSep 25 - Oct 9
DE723Draw08, East Afognak Is.One Elk, Either sexOct 8 - Oct 22
RE325RegistrationUnit 3 (see attached description of hunt area)1 Bull ElkNovember 15 - November 30
RE755RegistrationUnit 8 Elk Registration Hunt1 ElkOct 23 - Nov 30

Alaska Elk Hunting Information

Roosevelt elk hunting in Alaska originated from a transplant of eight calves captured on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State in 1928 and moved to Afognak Island in 1929. Elk can now also be found on neighboring Raspberry Island. In Southeast Alaska, elk were transplanted to Etolin Island near Petersburg in 1986 and can now also be found on neighboring Zarembo Island. Fossil bones indicate that a subspecies of elk once existed in Interior Alaska during the Pleistocene period.

Elk is members of the deer family. They are much larger than deer but not as large as moose. Males have antlers, which in prime bulls are very large and sweep gracefully back over the shoulders with spikes pointing forward. Bull elk on Afognak Island is estimated to weigh up to 1,300 lbs (591 kg). Cow elk are similar in appearance to bulls, but they are smaller and lack antlers. A 1,300-lb (590-kg) elk will dress out at about 800 lbs (363 kg). Of this amount, about 450 lbs (204 kg) is usable meat.

Elk is hardy animals whose large body size and herding tendencies require tremendous amounts of food. From late spring to early fall, with a wide variety of food available, elk are mainly grazers, using grasses, forbs, and other leafy vegetation. By late fall they become browsers, feeding on sprouts and branches of shrubs and trees.

View More Alaska Elk Information and Apply For Alaska Elk Hunts On The Alaska Parks & Wildlife Website!

2019 Elk Season Dates

Looking for the 2019 – 2020 elk season dates for your state, or looking to travel for the best out of state elk hunt? Legion Outdoors has compiled a list of all states cow and bull elk season dates to better assist you to plan your next in state or out of state elk hunt! Please note that these elk season dates are from each states department of wildlife’s website and that you should double check before hunting!

2019 Elk Season Dates | Legion Outdoors | Performance Hunting Apparel

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