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Blitz Series

Hunting is work. Hard work. But, you’re outdoors doing something you love. Why not do it in style and comfort? Legion Outdoors offers hunters technical hunting apparel alternatives to traditional, mass-produced, big box store camo outerwear.

The Blitz Lined Jacket with our Synergy® camo pattern is functional, modern and affordable.  The v
Legion Outdoors’ long sleeve Blitz shirt is breathable, comfortable and easy-to-wear.  The polyes
The short sleeve Blitz shirt is breathable, comfortable and easy-to-wear.  The polyester blend is l
Complete your hunting outerwear with Legion Outdoors’ Blitz Pants.  Lined with micro-fleece, the
This hooded vest will take you through a day of any outdoor activity, from early morning through lat


Technical Hunting Apparel

Many times we don’t think of our clothes as gear, but when it comes to outdoor and hunting planning and preparations, your clothes can make or break a camp out or hunting trip. Clothes help monitor climate and temperature and can make sure your target game animals can see or smell you.

Our Synergy® camo pattern blends effectively with varied terrains from river bottoms and marshlands to sagebrush country to dense forests. This pattern is designed for early to late season hunting, blending with the foliage as it turns from summer greens and golds to fall oranges and browns.

So, whether you’re stalking big game in the high country, antelope on sagebrush flats, whitetails in the river bottoms, ducks and geese in the marshlands or pheasants in open fields, we’ve got you covered.

Legion Outdoors offers hunters contemporary alternatives to traditional, mass-produced, big box store camo outerwear. Focusing on today’s hunters, our gear is:

Modern – Updated styles and fit (Check our Legion logo hats!)

Comfortable – Whether scoping from a tree stand or grabbing a late night meal, our technical hunting apparel works great both in the field and at home.

Functional – Western hunters are hard on their gear, our hunting apparel holds up to working hard and playing hard.

Versatile – Legion Outdoors innovative Synergy® camo pattern is effective for both early and late season hunting in a variety of terrains.

Affordable – We believe in providing quality and value for your hard-earned dollars. Our technical hunting apparel offers the best of both worlds in budget and comfort.

Legion Outdoor’s Technical Hunting Apparel

Legion Outdoors brings you affordable, functional and versatile hunting and fishing apparel in modern, updated styles. Our innovative Synergy® camo design is effective from early to late season in a wide variety of habitats and terrain – whether you are hunting elk deep in the forest, mule deer on rocky hillsides, whitetails in lush meadows, antelope on sagebrush flats, waterfowl in marshlands or upland game birds in open fields – we’ve got you covered.

For the passionate angler, fishing is a year-round adventure. From cool spring evenings to hot summer days, crisp fall afternoons to icy winter mornings – we’ve got you covered. Our high-performance hunting and fishing outerwear keep you comfortable, anytime, anywhere. Our personalized customer service ensures you the right style and the right fit for all of your outdoor adventures.