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Blitz Series Bow Hunting Vest


This hooded bow hunting vest will take you through a day of any outdoor activity, from early morning through late afternoon. The micro-fleece lining keeps you warm, and the vest lets you move freely. Designed with our Synergy® camo pattern, it’s the perfect bow hunting vest for all of the terrains you move through in a day. The Blitz Series Bow Hunting Vest was built with the archery hunter in mind, perfect for those cool early September mornings spent behind glass.

Archery – Mid Rifle (Colorado)

Synergy® Camo

22.4 oz (Size L)

Hunting, Hiking

4-way Stretch Polyester

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Features & Benefits

A Fully Functional Bow Hunting Vest

Legion Outdoors Synergy® camo pattern blends effectively with varied terrains from river bottoms and marshlands to sagebrush country to dense forests, making it the best lightweight hunting vest for western hunters. This pattern is designed for early to late season hunting, blending with the foliage as it turns from summer greens and golds to fall oranges and browns. So, whether you’re stalking big game in the high country, antelope on sagebrush flats, bow hunting whitetails in the river bottoms, or hunting ducks and geese in the marshlands or pheasants in open fields, we’ve got you covered.

4 Way Stretch Polyester

Legion Outdoors Blitz Series is made of Polyester Micro Fiber/Spandex, Woven 4-Way Stretch fabric that is a very strong water repellent spandex fabric, making it perfect for early season bow hunting. The stretch fiber offers a comfortable wear and allows freedom of movement for performance wear applications. The elasticity in this product is greatly improved by the special construction of microfiber spandex in the material.